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Our work is our passion and our reputation, so we make it a priority to get work done right the first time, period. That's why we're proud to warrant all repair labor for 60 days and are happy to assist with any hardware warranties for the full length of the product warranty. You probably won't need to call us back for the same issue, but if you do - we have you covered. We offer a full list of computer and tech services, performed either on-site or at our workshop. We work with you to find the best fit for your needs and schedule. Contact us for more information.

Commercial Services

We specialize in small business IT support! Ask about our monthly service agreements.

Commercial Services

We can handle everything from a basic wireless network to installing data lines or wireless access through an entire office and more! If you need data anywhere, we can make that happen.

Make sure your staff has the equipment they need to be productive. We can help you select the proper computers, decide if you need a server, and figure out what other technology will help your business run smoothly.

Once you have new equipment, we'll be there to set it up and get your operation firing on all cylinders! Whether it's a new printer or 25 new workstations, we have the techs to get you up and running quickly.

Are you moving to a new office? Let us know and we'll send a consultant to help you plan and implement your network and equipment. We handle everything from start to finish! All you have to do is plug in and work.

Are you unsure of how technology can help your business? Maybe you want to automate a task or five. Our consultants are experts in business technology and can help you make purchasing decisions, procure equipment for you, and get it set up for you. We'll even train you!

As a business, you're only as good as your data. Customer information, sales records, databases, etc are more valuable than any other asset! We'll ensure that in the event of a catastrophe, be it a fire or a virus, your data will be secure and recoverable.

Did someone delete the wrong file? Do you have a hard drive that died and wasn't backed up? We recover data from drives of just about any condition.

We offer service for customers who only need help here and there and service packages for customers who prefer to have an IT Department they can call at any time.

Residential Services

This list covers 90% of our typical portfolio. We welcome you to call us for the other 10%. Odds are, we've done it before.

Residential Services

We can fix any broken computer or laptop, usually on-site or by the next day!

Did your computer catch something? Our techs can have it cleaned up in no time.

Did you buy a new computer? We'll send a tech out to help you set it up and move all your data over from your old computer. We’ll even help recycle the old system.

Is your computer running slow? We can get it running noticeably quicker within an hour.

Does your computer need more storage space? Do you need a better graphics card to play the latest games? We'll help you pick out the right parts and install them for you.

Your computer's Operating System is the scariest piece of the puzzle. Messing with the wrong file or setting can really harm the computer. Our techs have decades of experience and can fix it right up.

Whether you want to install a wireless router, or get a wireless cloud around your entire home, we can efficiently and effectively set it up in a single easy home visit.

If it hooks into a computer, we can make it work.

Imagine what would happen if a fire destroyed your computer, or a thief made off with it. How would you get your pictures and documents back? We can make sure your data is safe and recoverable so that you never have to worry about losing all your data.

Did you accidentally delete something? Did a hard drive die and you don't have a backup? We can recover data from drives of just about any condition.

Maybe you just need a little help deciding what computer or part to buy. Maybe you'd like some training on the newest version of Windows. We offer consultations and training right in your home or office.

Custom system & case design

We are experts at custom system and case design. Our geeks can help you with everything from airflow and cooling maximization to lighting design or case modification and fabrication. All custom jobs are quoted on a case-by-case basis, so give us a call and tell us what you want. In the past, we've built in-car computers, home theater PCs (both full-featured and mini), micro-PCs and integrated computing.


  • Airflow management through fan placement and custom wiring
  • Custom case lighting: colors to UV to strobe
  • Case window installation
  • Custom case modifications/fabrication
  • Water cooling
  • Custom PC Mounting
  • Custom soldering (PCs, Laptops, Vehicles)

We Can Help

You have choices: Complete Onsite Repair, Pickup and Delivery, or Remote Service; you don't have to be out of commission for long. We can even visit same-day for your urgent needs! Get in touch now to schedule a consult. Call us at 503.482.TOGO (8646).

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